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NYC-based singer/songwriter, Kate Chaston,
deftly engages audiences with earth-toned
story-songs, lush tapestries interwoven with shades of jazz and pop, and a silky thread of funny patter.

"...a natural storyteller...Kate conveys emotion and depth through her songs...[her] voice and artistry will be a true blessing to many in the years to come."
- Jay Daniels, Simply Timeless Radio

"...soothing, melodious, Ella Fitzgerald-like vocals"​

 -  The SandPaper, Long Beach

"Kate's voice and writing are filled with a very special, sensual honesty."​

-  Charles A. Martinez

(Steely Dan, Donald Fagen)


Words and Music by Piers Partridge


Aaron Hagan - Bass, Producer

Micah Kohn - Mix

Micah Kohn - Master

Piers Partridge - Guitar; Recording Engineer

Jonathan Tilkin - Recording Engineer



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